Meraki – pronounced may-rah-kee – is a Greek word used to describe doing something wholeheartedly with love and passion.

The actual definition is: To do something with soul, creativity, and love – to put “something of yourself” into whatever it is you are doing.

When I first discovered this word I was immediately drawn to it; it perfectly describes who I want my true self to be, which brings me to the purpose of this blog.

We are all in tune with the elements and forces of the universe, to which we are an expression. However, we all seem to have this strange idea that if I’m  healthy, I’ll be happy. If I have a good relationship, I’ll be happy. If I have money, I’ll be happy. If I am successful, I will be happy.

But in actual fact, if you are happy, you will be healthier. If you are happy, you will have better relationships. If you are happy, you will do great work that will be meaningful and thus, you will be successful.

During my own pursuit of happiness, I came to find that there is, in fact, an interesting  mix  of thing that have made people happy. There has been some fascinating research in the field of happiness, and a lot of that research has identified that happy people tend to be healthier people.

So our subjective experience of happiness actually translates into a biological expression of wellbeing.

I want to share with you the knowledge that I have discovered, and continue to discover, as I grow into a happier, healthier, human being. I hope to inspire, encourage and teach others the ways in which we can transform ourselves and lead a life full of abundance and prosperity.







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